2 hours in the cockpit – Top flight experience

Our bestseller – you will experience intense 2 hours in iPILOT cockpit – as a member of a crew of 2 persons. Experience 60 minutes as a captain on the left side of the cockpit and 60 minutes as a co-pilot on the right hand side. Each of the pilots has its tasks and responsibilities reflecting its role in the cockpit, for example control of motors, valves, navigation, landing gear, etc. Just as in actual flight operations in the cockpit you are working with your colleague as a team, and at all times, both are under supervision and direction of a third person in the cockpit, our professional pilot. Unforgettable and exciting flying experience. Your flight experience:


  • Welcome in iPILOT Simulator Center
  • 2 hours flight experience in the cockpit
  • 1 hour as captain and 1 hour as a co pilot in the cockpit
  • We provide you with a colleague on your flight
  • 24,000 airports to choose from
  • Real commercial pilot as personal instructor for both of you
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