Overcome your Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying 

Are you afraid of flying but you would like to fly on holiday or a business trip? Visit us at our iPILOT store! We would like to explain you how an aircraft works, which sounds you hear during the flight, the tasks of a pilot and consider also your individual fear of flying at the same time.

We can hopefully reduce your fear of flying in a simple way in our flight simulator. After a talk about your personal fear of flying and the explanations mentioned above our pilot will demonstrate different situations during a flight.

Some of the demonstrated situations could be:

• Take off

• Landing

• Different weather situations & navigation of an aircraft

• Etc


Before your appointment

You will receive a survey with questions to your personal fear of flying by mail. Please fill it out in advance to give us a first impression of your personal fear of flying. Your appointment Please be there 10 min in advance. After Check in you can take some coffee and / or softdrinks from our minibar. (Except London)


Based on your survey you filled out in advance our pilot will talk about your personal Fear of Flying with you. He will explain to you all sounds you hear during take off, landing or if there was an engine failure. Furthermore, he will mention the tasks of a pilot. During your flight, you can ask any questions that you may have.


Ready for take off! Our pilot will show you all theoretical parts, he already mentioned, in the cockpit now. You can also take a seat as a pilot and fly wherever you want. You can chose different weather settings, daylight or night. You do not have to fly but you can. It is up to you!


You will receive a photo and a certificate to remember your fear of flying program. Furthermore we will give you a coupon which offers you a discount for your next flight hour at iPILOT.Good Bye You won`t be a pilot after your fear of flying program but you can imagine why you hear different sounds during a flight. In addition you got in touch with an aircraft which is one of the most safety means of transportation. Further you had the possibility to talk to a real pilot and to ask all questions you had.

Service Overview

• Welcoming

• Welcomedrink

• Theoratical part: Talk about your personal fear of flying Explanation:

Sounds, aircraft features, pilot tasks

• Practical part: Cockpit introduction & simulation of different flight situations

Your flight (up to you)

• Certificate, Photo, Coupon You are not allowed to bring visitors to your fear of flying program.

Daily Mail reporter Sarah Gordon overcomes her fear of flying at iPILOT Bluewater

Daily Mail reporter Sarah Gordon overcomes her fear of flying at iPILOT Bluewater


Please reserve your fear of flying programme via phone.


Read how we helped Daily Mail reporter Sarah Gordon overcome her aerophobia.

Check out the video made by Reuters:


Fear of Flying Programme £309.00