Spread Betting guide

You are probably like us in the past: you tap on basketball or football and then see the term “spread” there. What do I bet on when I place a spread bet? We explain this to you in the article and give you examples. If you want to bet directly on it, we have selected the best spread betting providers for spread bets for you.

What is a spread bet?

Spread Betting guideThe term spread comes from English and means something like “to spread” or “to expand”. With regard to betting, it was initially used in the financial world, for example when betting on the prices of the stock exchanges.

It is currently particularly important for tips on the US sports baseball, football, basketball and ice hockey. With a spread bet, a team is sent into the game with a certain lead. Likewise, with a spread bet, the favorite can also be sent into the game with a deficit. In our screenshot, for example, the Jacksonville Jaguars are favorites, because the bookmaker sends them into the race with a spread of -2.5, they have to win by 3 points if you play this odds.

As you have probably already noticed, Spread is very similar to the handicap known from football betting. The spread bet type is also used by some bookmakers such as tipico for US sports. Read on here to check out where to bet on spread.

The best bookmakers for spread betting

As seen above, there are spread bets in US sports. Since almost every bookmaker has this in their program, many bookmakers also offer spread bets. It's just that they're not always called that. Some bookmakers in this country refer to the type of bet as a spread, others as a handicap.

This is how you tap on spread betting:

1. Navigate
Find the sport of your choice from the betting provider, then the league and finally the game you want to bet on. Click on it.

2. Select
You will now see different types of bets. Scroll a little and look for the option “Spread” or “Handicap”.

3. In the betting slip
Now you can see all the options. Regardless of whether a bookmaker describes the type of bet with spread or handicap, you will now see displays such as “Brooklyn Nets -7” or “Memphis Grizzlies +6”.
That would mean in this case: The Nets must win by eight points or in the second case, the Grizzlies must not lose by more than five points. Click on the option you want and it will end up in the betting slip, which you can then hand in.

Our conclusion on the spread bet

In summary it can be said: The term spread betting comes from US sport and describes the sending of a team into the game with a lead or a deficit – just like the handicap bet, which is better known in this country.

But now the first thing to do: Try for yourselves. We have already told you that you will find a different number of spread bets depending on the betting provider.