Virtual Type Rating

Learn to fly a plane with iPILOT’s Virtual Type Rating Course

Flying a plane demands huge skill, knowledge and accuracy. In order to fly a Next Generation Jet pilots must undergo a Type Rating course to be sure that they have the skills required to fly safely. With our Virtual Type Rating you can experience what it takes to be in command of a real jet. Our exciting course allows anyone to get a taste of the world of flying. The course spans 5 exhilarating and information packed 60 minute lessons and ends with an hour long flight exam to test your skills.

Lesson 1

Introduction to the Next Generation Jet & cockpit environment

Basic VFR procedures including:

  • Briefing and preparation
  • Stalls and unusual altitudes
  • Climbs & descents
  • Identifying objects and orientation
  • Turns and spiral dives

Lesson 2

  • Landings
  • Taxi & Take off procedures

Lesson 3

  • Orientation using VORs
  • Autopilot
  • Orientation & navigation using FMC

Lesson 4

  • Flight from Heathrow to Gatwick, start-up to shut-down

Lesson 5

  • Engine failures
  • ILS approaches (demonstrated at Hong Kong)

Flight Exam

You will be tested on everything you have learnt on the course. Candidates who successfully complete the iPILOT Virtual Type Rating course can benefit from renting our Flight Simulators without an instructor at a saving of 20% off our normal advertised prices.

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